Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Preparing for Spring

What little winter we have had is quickly coming to an end.  Each winter we experience here in the Ozarks differs vastly from the previous one.  This year has been no different.  One of the many things a mild winter affords us, is the opportunity to accomplish projects and tasks that we normally would not be able too.  In my first post last month I reported on the leveling of the Fearn teeing area in the fairways.  While we still have a couple left to level there are many projects going on simultaneously.   
#13 Tree Trimming
As you can see in the two pictures below is our tree trimming project on hole #13.  Over the past two golf seasons I have received numerous comments about the Oak trees overhanging the green on #13.  Fortunately the tree is not hanging over the green, but it does hinder a left to right tee shot into the green. 
Before trimming the Oak trees to the left of the golf car path.

After trimming the Oak trees to the left of the golf car path.
Now that the trees have been trimmed back and all of the dead-wood removed a left to right tee shot is more "workable".  The trimming of the trees not only aided the golfer but it was very good for the tree itself.  There was a large amount of dead-wood branches that needed to be removed thus allowing the tree to focus on sending its resources to the actively growing healthy branches. 

Fairway Venting

Each Winter we vent our fairways for many different reasons.  Pore space in the growing medium is always good for the turf.  We are also wanting any winter moisture to dissipate quickly.

There are many other projects that are ongoing that are in direct relationship the current weather. 

Check back often or even "follow" our blog.  My goal is to update monthly in the winter months and weekly throughout the season.

Hit it straight and I will see you on the course!!

Derek Wilkerson, CGCS